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Mark your calendars now for December 10, 2015 and join us for the 4th Annual Nicole Jarvis MD Winter Gala for Parkinson’s Research!

Winter Gala - Dec 10, 2015
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Donation Only (no Tickets) - $250.00 USD

Thank You For 2014!

Thank you to all attendees, donors, and sponsors for helping us make our 3rd Annual Nicole Jarvis MD Winter Gala for Parkinson’s Research a big success! We raised $240,000!

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About the Nicole Jarvis, MD, Parkinson’s Research Foundation, Inc

My name is Nicole Jarvis, and I am a 42 year old ObGyn physician in Norman, OK. I am also a mother of 7 year old identical twin boys, and a patient with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. As a doctor, I am passionate about finding cures for all diseases, and improving the quality of life for all patients suffering from chronic illness. As a YOPD patient, I am passionate about making my own contribution to finding the cure for the disease that affects me every day. In the state of Oklahoma, there are approximately 15,000 patients with Parkinson's Disease. After I was diagnosed in 2011, I learned that there were NO organizations in the entire state of Oklahoma dedicated to researching new treatment options and finding a cure for this degenerative, debilitative, neurologic disease. So, over the summer of 2012, I began the planning stages for an amazing event. Then, in December 2012, I hosted Oklahoma's first Team Fox event in support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, a Winter Gala that was attended by over 300 members of the medical and business communities and raised over $115,00! With the overwhelming success that first year and the encouragement and support of this amazing community, in January 2013, I formed the Nicole Jarvis MD Parkinson’s Research Foundation, Inc. The mission of this foundation is to continue to raise money to be used to 1) raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease in the State of Oklahoma, 2) help fund services offered throughout Oklahoma for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, and 3) donate funds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in order to fund projects that will lead to improved treatment options and ultimately a cure for this chronic, debilitating, degenerative neurologic disease that affect me and 15,000 Oklahoman’s and our families, friends, and employers on a daily basis.

Our Foundation decided to make the Winter Gala an annual event, and hosted the 2nd Annual Winter Gala in December of 2013. We had 500 guests in attendance and raised over $185,000! Our event was the 7th most successful fundraiser nationwide (out of more than 1500 Team Fox members) for the MJFF, and I was honored to attend an awards dinner hosted by Mr. Fox in April in New York City to celebrate the success of the Gala!

The Fourth Annual Nicole Jarvis MD Winter Gala for Parkinson’s Research will be held December 10, 2015. My goal is to surpass the $240,000 that we raised in 2014, and I hope to raise at least $250,000. We would be honored to have your company as one of our corporate sponsors, and of course we also will be selling individual tickets to the Gala as well! With your help, we can find the cure! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


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